We Are The Leading Supplier of Healthcare Products In Kenya


About Amiken

Amiken Limited is a private registered company that was founded in June 1988. We are a ISO 9001:2015 certified company and a leading supplier of healthcare products in Kenya.

We deal in the Imports & Exports of Medical, Surgical, Orthopedic, Dental, Disposable & Non-Disposable Products, Laboratory Consumables, Hygiene Solutions and Food Safety Analysis Equipment. Over the past three decades we have developed and enjoyed a very positive, high profile existence in hospitals, including specialty Doctors, Surgeons and other Healthcare providers with a reputation based on trust, reliability and performance.

We provide the following:


Orthopaedic Instruments & Implants

Basic & General Instruments, Mini Fragment, Small Fragment & Large Fragment Sets, Locking Compression Plates including Pre-contoured Plates, Intramedullary Nails & Sets, Pelvic Products, Power Tools & Attachments, External Fixator, Hand & Foot Solutions and Biomaterials


Orthopaedic Instruments & Implants

Endotracheal and Tracheostomy Tubes, Laryngoscopes, Epidural Catheters, Disposable / Reusable Adult & Pediatric Circuits, Nasal Oxygen Cannula, Airways, Reservoir Bags and other Anaesthetics Sundries


General Surgery & Specialty Products

General Surgery & Speciality Surgical Instruments for Gynecology, Orthopedic, Maxillo-facial & Neurosurgery, Cardiothoracic, Ophthalmology 0& ENT Surgery, Cardiovascular Grafts, Embolectomy Catheters, Breast Implants & Tissue Expanders.


Neurology Critical Care Solutions

Ventriculo-peritoneal shunts, External Ventricular Drains, Brain Swabs, Neurosurgery Instruments & Implants including Aneurysm Clips


Urological Products

2 & 3 Way Foleys Catheters, Silicone Catheters, Simplastic Catheters, Urine Collection Bags, Stone Extractor, Stents & Bougies



3M Littmann Master Cardiology, Classic III S.E., Pediatric & Infant Stethoscopes and Stethoscope Accessories.


Wound Care & Dressings

Absorbent Gauze Rolls & Bandages, Cotton Wool, Swabs, Steri-strip, Tegaderm, Burn Dressings, Surgical Tapes - Micropore, Transpore, Medipore & Durapore.


Wound Closure & Intrauterine Device

Various types of Suture materials such as Absorbable and Non-Absorbable, Natural and Synthetic, Monofilament &Braided Sutures and Skin & Haemorroid staplersSundries


Surgical Blades

Disposable Surgical Blades & Skin Grafting Blades and Handles, Scapels and Blade Removers.
Opthalmic surgical knives.



Absorbent Gauze Rolls & Bandages, Cotton Wool, Swabs, Steri-strip, Tegaderm, Burn Dressings, Surgical Tapes - Micropore, Transpore, Medipore & Durapore.


Sterilization and Monitoring Products

Steam, Plasma & ETO Sterilization Reels & Pouches, Sterilization Wraps, Heat Sealing Machines & Plain Closure Bags, Autoclave Tapes, Ethylene Oxide Gas Cartridges, Bowie-Dick Test Pack, Chemical Indicators, Attest Rapid Readout Biological Indicators and Auto Reader Machines.


Operation Theatre Products

Theatre lights, Operation Tables, Suction Machines, Laminar Air Flow Systems, Infection Control Products & various hospital furniture and theatre accessories


Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Appliances

Orthosis, Splints & Fracture Aids, Walking Aids & Wheelchairs, Exercise & Invalid Appliances for Rehabilitation.


Electrosurgical Equipment

Single use / Reusable Foot & Finger Controlled Handles complete with Diathermy Cables with various types of Biomedical Electrodes & Electrosurgical Pads.


Dental Implants & Instruments

From tooth to root Implants for all indications, Custom made Prosthetics for natural appearance and optimal function. Single /Multiple-unit restorations, Tooth-supported Implants, Drills and Instruments


Other Hospital Consumables

Syringes, Skin Staplers, Catheters, IV Cannula, Feeding Tubes, Plaster Cast & Padding Materials, Surgical Drapes, Protective Face Masks, Surgeons & Nurses Caps and Theatre Gowns.


Indicator Organism Testing and Hygiene Monitoring System Products

3M Petrifilm, Petrifilm Reader, Clean-Trace NG Luminometer, Surface Protein Plus (Allergen), Water Plus - Total ATP Swabs, 3M Quick Swabs.


Laboratory Supplies and Sample Handling products

Microscopes, Laboratory Consumables including Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes, Electronic Pipette, PipetteTips, Inoculation Loops, Centrifuge Tubes, Test Tubes, Cell Culture Plate, Specimen Containers, Sample Cups, Tube Racks, Microscope Slides and Covers.


Infection Prevention Solutions

These reduce the risk of infection, improve clinical outcomes and increase health care efficiency throughout the patient pathway from the Operation Theater to the ICU & Wards. These include Hand Hygiene Products, Disinfectants, Patient Skin Preparations,
Iodine Scrub Brush and Surgical Clippers Blades.


Personal Safety Products

Protection solutions for the eye, ear, face, head & feet.
Protective eye wear, face shield masks, ear plugs and muffs, respiratory masks & protective apparel.


Personal Hygine Products

Diapers for Adults and Children, Underpads and Hand Sanitizer.



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